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Zine of Wondrous Power 03 (Print + PDF)

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Zine of Wondrous Power 03 (Print + PDF)

Daniel M. Perez
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Issue 03
24 pages

Issue 03 includes four societies for any fantasy campaign setting with rules for the 5th edition of the "world's greatest fantasy role-playing game" (although, you know, usable in any game that's kinda derived from it).


  • Erzak's Riders - Mercenary company fielding a fearsome heavy cavalry.
  •  The Blind Path - Monastic order that seeks to see beyond the visible.
  •  The Dream Healers - Dream clerics fighting off nightmare incursions.
  •  Scions of the Triad - Paladins seeking to unite the three aspects of an ancient god.

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Zine of Wondrous Power is a gaming zine by Daniel M. Perez dedicated to exploring playing, design, creation, and discussion of roleplaying games. It features short essays, small games, new rules and settings, fiction, and ideas. If it deals with roleplaying games as a hobby and art form, it has a home in the Zine of Wondrous Power.

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Zine of Wondrous Power 03 (Print + PDF)

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